Miroir, mon beau miroir, dis-moi qui est le plus connecté

Article: Numerama

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After the watches connected, the intelligent mirror: Glance makes it possible to consult the weather, its calendar or the state of the circulation in the transports while brushing the teeth. A crucial time saving but very expensive.

And if your mirror, in addition to allowing you to style your hair, make-up or brush your teeth in the morning, helped you to gain precious time before going to work? This is what Glance offers, the connected mirror capable of displaying the weather, your calendar and various reminders, as well as the state of traffic on the public transport or the sports results of the previous day.

Its three designers, Dave Krawczyk, Kevin McQuown and Michael Thies, are convinced of the commercial potential of their project, which works in sync with a dedicated app designed for iOS or Android. If it only offers, for now, these essential services, the trio works wants to open it to all developers, which could allow major brands like Uber, Groupon and Fitbit to integrate with Glance.


Glance, which is 50 cm wide and 81 cm high, includes an LCD display that gives the impression that the text fits directly on the mirror. The information is deliberately displayed on its sides to preserve the reflection of the user, automatically identified by voice recognition.

A very practical aspect, which allows to display its personalized information in a few seconds. Glance thus avoids a pitfall dreaded by Michael Thies: "You never have to touch the mirror, it is not a giant iPad grafted on your wall. The last thing people want is to support and interact with their mirror. "

After raising half of their projected budget of one million dollars, the trio intends to market its mirror primarily in high-end kitchens, luxury hotels and furniture retailers. The initial sale price of $ 1800 - for first deliveries expected in May - however, is likely to put off individuals.

Michael Thies