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A smarter amenity for hospitality


Hospitality often starts in the lobby, but suddenly ends when the guest heads off to their suite. Guests are then subjected to brochures on the night-stand, hotel TV channel, or telephone to stay connected.


Guests want a personalized experience

Hotels currently attempt to deliver most information to their guests at check-in. However, guests are often least receptive at this time, focused rather on getting to their room after traveling. With Glance™, communication extends beyond the front desk.



"Guests want to be connected to the local area, and they want to be connected to the place where they lay their head at night."
- Monscierge


A smarter amenity


Glance™ provides a unique touch point in the guest suite to deliver customary and tailored recommendations throughout the guests stay. The hotel manager can inform the guest about hotel events, hotel attractions, and send personalized recommendations that highlight local establishments. 


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