Is there a camera behind the mirror?
No, there is not a camera behind the mirror. In fact, we think that's one of our best features!

Is it always listening?
No. Our mirror will only listen when you enable the microphone by placing your hand over the sensor. Glance will only listen for your command, and after 5 seconds the microphone will be disabled.

Does it have a touch screen?
No, our mirror does not have a touch sensitive display. As glass smudges quiet easily, we decided early on that designing it as a "wall mounted tablet" would be counter-intuitive to using the mirror. For that reason, we've developed a companion app available for your iOS and Android mobile devices that serves the same purpose.

Will the displayed information interfere with seeing my reflection?
The mirror’s widgets have been thoughtfully placed and seamlessly integrated so as to provide a simple, non-invasive user-experience. Users can also further customize how and where their information is displayed by way of the aforementioned companion app.