Advisor Spotlight: Matt Abeles

Every so often, we here at Glance like to take a moment to showcase the minds behind the minds of Glance; our fantastic and eternally helpful Advisory Board. What they bring to the table, why they brought it, and what they hope to see from us in the future.

Today, we have the brilliant and forward-thinking Matt Abeles, co-founder of BuiltWorlds Media.

Matt was first introduced to Glance by a friend at Techweek, who told him that while he sees a lot of amazing technologies everyday, that Glance was one that was a game changer. As a co-founder of a media company in the building space, Matt offers his nationwide network of relationships in construction, real estate, architecture, and venture players to Glance.

His decision to jump in with Glance was simple. Just as his friend said, he sees many kinds of new technologies week after week, but he only puts his time and energy into something he believes is truly disruptive. He believes the technology at Glance is unprecedented, and has the potential to grow to unicorn status in this industry, which is already primed for more innovation and adaptive technologies.

In an ideal world, Matt sees Glance being populated in the major boutique and luxury hotels across the US, as well as some of the iconic commercial buildings being built. Not only that, but Glance would be viewed as a must have technology for high end home buyers.

To find out more about Matt Abeles and his company, click here, or on the picture!