Advisor Spotlight: Howard Ecker

Today, we wanted to take a moment to showcase the minds behind the minds of Glance; our fantastic and eternally helpful Advisory Board. What they bring to the table, why they brought it, and what they hope to see from us in the future.

First up on our list is Howard Ecker.

Mr. Ecker is one of Chicago's premier tenant representatives and has worked in the Chicago real estate market for fifty years. Over that time, he has developed a wealth of relationships and contacts in the industry, all of which he’s willing to tap in order to leverage on Glance’s behalf. For him, Glance represents a piece of technology that does more than just look cool; it's functional in your day to day life. He hopes that, in five years time, Glance will have become a standard fixture in virtually all new high-end residential, hotel and campus housing properties.

To find out more about Howard Ecker and his company, click here, or on the picture!

Griffin SchulmanComment